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Who we are

REFRIO was founded in 1967, and today it is one of the largest Brazilian manufacturers of large air heat exchangers for commercial, industrial refrigeration and air conditioning applications.

Its headquarters is located in Hortolândia, a city 90km far from São Paulo and it has operated since 2003 under the certification ISO 9002, producing with international technology. Its performance also reflects in an unconditional commitment to the preservation of the environment and people's quality of life.

Seeking excellence in the manufacture of products and a good relationship with the customers is, over all, a natural inclination of REFRIO.

Quality policy

Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of Refrio's Quality Management System, through meeting the requirements of NBR ISO 9001: 2015 Standard, improvement of the Air-Cooled Finned Condensers and Evaporators and of our Employees; enhancement of our suppliers regarding quality and deadlines; with the objective of increasing the satisfaction of our clients.



Atingir excelência em nossos produtos e gerar valor para os clientes e nossa empresa.


Produzir seus produtos com tecnologia nos níveis internacionais, mantendo um engajamento incondicional a preservação do meio ambiente e a qualidade de vida das pessoas.


Relacionamentos • Profissionalismo

Dinamismo • Transparência • Responsabilidade 


A REFRIO, busca sempre o cuidado e a qualidade, se importando com os seus colaboradores e a satisfação dos clientes, mantendo clareza e a honestidade acima de tudo.       


The management system ISO 9001:2015, certified since 2003, guarantees products and services that meet customers' specifications and needs within high quality standards.

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