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SEQCT Software

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Fast and reliable thermodynamic calculation from the thermal loads of refrigerating chambers to the selection of Evaporators, Condensers, Liquid Coolers and Dry Coolers. Based on the indicated operating conditions, the desired refrigerant or refrigerant, ambient humidity, evaporation and condensation temperatures, the software will perform an accurate thermodynamic calculation, even for unusual applications, whether for chilled, frozen products, cooling and freezing tunnels. After completing the calculations, a data sheet can be printed for shipping

The program has the following calculation and selection options: Calculations of the 4 types of Refrigerated Chambers:


• Thermal load of refrigerated product preservation chambers

• Thermal load of frozen product preservation chambers

• Thermal charge of fast cooling chambers (tunnels, blast chilling)

• Thermal loading of fast freezing chambers (tunnels, blast freezing)




• Evaporators

• Condensers

• Liquid coolers

• Dry Coolers

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